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Cookie Policy

Notice on how personal data collected through cookies is processed

What "cookies" are

Many websites, including ours, use cookies. A cookie is a small text file that contains some information that is exchanged between the device you use to access the internet and the web server of the site you're connecting to. This way, the server is informed about your accesses to that given web page, recording how often you visit it, etc. All of this allows us to improve your surfing experience, understand what information is most interesting to you, and help you access certain functions more quickly and efficiently, such as purchases in our online store.

We can send you personalized advertising messages based on your preferences as you surf the web.

What cookies we use

Session cookies

Session cookies, also called temporary cookies, are deleted automatically when you close your browser. These are required to ensure normal navigation and use of the website, allowing you to enter your user name and password in order to access reserved areas, make purchases, etc. So session cookies allow you to take advantage of certain services that otherwise wouldn't be available. 

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies collect information anonymously. We use them to collect information about how you navigate through our site for purely statistical purposes. Their use is limited to monitoring the correct operation of the website and helping to improve its performance.

Profile cookies

This type of cookie is used to track your user profile based on your surfing habits, your tastes, and your preferences. 

This way we can send you advertising messages that line up with the preferences you've shown as you surf the web.

This type of cookie can also be from third parties, and they are persistent in the sense that they are not deleted automatically. Instead, they are removed at a pre-set expiration.


The cookies are not linked to your person, since they recognize your device or the IP address you use to access the site, unless you access our online shop with your pre-set credentials.

Consent to data processing

You can consent to the use of cookies by clicking the banner that will appear on our home page. 

Otherwise, you can change the settings at any time by selecting the option from your browser. Below we have provided links that explain the cookie functions for the most widely-used browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Apple Safari
Mozilla Firefox

Your data

In addition to Ekaf S.p.A. personnel, your data collected through cookies are also processed by companies affiliated with our group, third parties for commercial purposes, market research, or direct offers of their products and services.