Organic Barley
Organic Barley
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Organic Barley

Orzo bio

Organic barley drink, delicate and aromatic. Suitable for every moment of the day, ideal for those seeking a relaxing moment. Available in packs of 10 Nescafé®* Dolce Gusto®* compatible capsules.  May contain traces of milk, gluten, egg, nuts and soya.  
Organic Barley

10 capsules


Selected barley blend from Italian organic farming, characterised by a balanced, intense aroma and a full flavour. Perfect for a relaxing and light break at any time of day.


Orzo bio

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Molto buono
Ho provato le cialde compatibili nespresso del tipo "cremoso" e le ho trovate veramente speciali
Semplicemente IL MIGLIORE!
Non c'è paragone con nessuno! Da anni quando sono in giro vado alla ricerca di bar che hanno Cellini ovvero il Numero 1 dei caffè! Ottimo!
Ottimo caffè!!
Ho avuto la fortuna di visitare la fabbrica di persona. Personale davvero preparato! Grazie!

The Cellini group has been producing high quality coffee for decades, combining the best aspects of established roasting techniques with the guarantees and traceability of a certified production process.


Rather than slowing down development, the direct and indirect experiences of the past have served as a launchpad for the new spirit of innovation which drives the men and women who have worked and continue to work for Cellini. This has enhanced the quality of their work, as part of a project on which everyone is working with enthusiasm and interest, and the slogan “Cellini. La Vita. La Passione.” has been created to reflect this attitude.