Coffee School

The Cellini Coffee School was born from our experience and passion for coffee:
an important moment of encounter with the world of coffee.

The School

We stand on the shoulders of three generations of roasters:
we want to share this heritage with all those who, like us, have a passion for coffee. This way, we can pass on our knowledge and give due credit to a profession that is crucial in the spread of espresso in Italy and around the world. In our school, students will learn new skills and further develop their own knowledge of the wonderful world that revolves around every cup of coffee.
The experience of the bartenders
Our goal is to equip all baristas with the wealth of our experience in the field, in order to help them run their own cafés as well as possible by aiming for excellence in the product and in customer service. We offer our experience to all participants, and they can make use of it directly as an advantage in the daily challenge of injecting passion and enthusiasm into the way they present themselves to their customers. All students in our courses become part of a community that continues outside the school as well. We maintain a close bond with colleagues and directors in order to share with them each experience and innovation in the sector.

The Cellini coffee school is located in the new Genoa facility, and has two large spaces:

  • the main hall, a multimedia space where all theory lessons are taught.
  • the Quality lab, where tastings, practical exercises, and professional specializations are conducted.

Every visit includes a guided tour of the facility.



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