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Method of payment

You can choose how to pay.
The following payment methods are available: PayPal and/or credit card (on the Setefi system) and cash on delivery. You can choose how to pay. You can use one of your credit cards, the prepaid PayPal card or your PayPal account.
In order to guarantee maximum security for its customers, Ekaf S.p.A. relies on the experience of Setefi for management of the transactions.
The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security procedures, the standard protocol for money transactions on the Internet worldwide, guarantee absolute security and prevent anyone from obtaining confidential data.
Upon entering your personal data, the security procedure will activate automatically, making it impossible to access such. From this point on, you have an exclusive relationship between yourself and Setefi.
For greater security, it is in fact the credit institute that handles the whole procedure.

Credit card

Payment by credit card
Payment by means of credit card takes place on the Setefi payment system. The following credit or prepaid cards can be used on Setefi: Visa, Mastercard, Diners e JCB.

Payment by Visa and Mastercard credit card shall be made on-line at the time of transmission of the purchase order. The Customer shall provide credit card details in the purchase order, and the request for charging the corresponding amount shall be forwarded only when the order is completed. The Customer's credit card details sent during the transmission of the purchase order cannot be accessed by Ekaf S.p.A., nor by third parties and are received, in a protected manner against unauthorized access, on the secure servers of Setefi gateway systems which deals, on behalf of Ekaf S.p.A., with credit card payments. When Ekaf S.p.A. shall receive confirmation of payment, proceed with the preparation and fulfilment of the purchase order. Before sending the order, it is possible to correct any errors made when entering data.


Payment by means of PayPal

You need to open a PayPal account - Discover how to open a PayPal account
By choosing to purchase using PayPal, upon conclusion of the order, you will be directed to the PayPal login page. The amount of the order is charged on the PayPal account when the order is acquired. If the customer cancels the order or Ekaf S.p.A. does not accept it, the amount will be refunded on the customer’s PayPal account. PayPal uses the most evolved security systems to protect the purchaser’s data.
When you complete the procedure on the website, you authorise Ekaf S.p.A. to charge the total amount of the order, including the shipping costs, on your credit card or PayPal account.


Payment with cash on delivery

Payment with cash on delivery is possible throughout Italy.


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