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Return policy

The Customer has the right to withdraw from the Contract within 10 working days of receiving the purchased goods, in compliance with the provisions of Article 5 of the Decree Law No. 185/99. The Customer shall send to Ekaf S.p.A. a fax, a telegram or an email to the address
which shall necessarily be confirmed by registered mail within the following 48 hours, at the following address:

Ekaf S.p.A. Lungotorrente Secca 3r 161613 Genova, Italia

In this communication of withdrawal, the Customer shall always indicate the purchase order number and the identification code of the Products.
The Customer shall return, at his sole responsibility and expenses, to Ekaf SpA, at the above-mentioned address, the purchased Products, undamaged and complete (including the original packaging), no later than 10 (ten) working days from receipt of the purchased Products. For the sole purpose of expiry of the aforementioned term of 10 (ten) working days, the Products are considered returned when they have been delivered to the carrier or to the post office.
The withdrawal is exercisable for the entire purchased Product and cannot therefore be operated in relation only to a part of the ordered goods.
The withdrawal is not allowed for customized products, as well as for those delivered abroad.
In all cases in which the withdrawal is not legitimately and validly exercised by the Customer, Ekaf S.p.A. shall return the Product to the Customer, at the risk and expense of the latter.
In the event that the returned Products are damaged during transport for the return to Ekaf S.p.A. the Customer shall be informed of the damages detected within the second working day from the receipt of the Products, in order to allow the Customer to inform the shipper in turn and assert his own reasons for the latter and, at the same time, shall return to the Customer the Products damaged during transport, at the risk and expense of the Customer.
In case the withdrawal is exercised in compliance with the provisions of the current legislation (Legislative Decree No. 185/99), Ekaf S.p.A. shall refund the amounts paid by the customer. The reimbursement shall take place free of charge, as quickly as possible and in any case within thirty days from the date on which Ekaf S.p.A. has become aware of the Customer's right of withdrawal.


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